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Baoding QiLi Precision pump Co., Ltd is located in Baoding high tech Development Zone Science and Technology Industrial park. The professional development of high precision, high quality constant flow pump, a peristaltic pump, a peristaltic pump fittings, committed to providing customers with simple operation, easy control for the constant flow pump products. The main products involved in a constant flow pump, a peristaltic pump, OEM, pump head, drive, a peristaltic pump hose and accessory products. These pumps are widely used in environmental protection, water treatment, biological technology and other fields. Qi Li company after years of research and development, product quality and stability, advanced control technology, can provide a series of products of 0.001- 12000ml/min, the pump head are engineering plastics, aluminum alloy and other materials; drive step speed regulation, DC speed control, AC variable frequency, constant synchronously and many other products. In the pharmaceutical industry, fine chemical industry, water treatment, environmental engineering, food, scientific experiments and many common areas, especially in some need precise pumping, transfer, packing process unit, a peristaltic pump has been widely used. Peristaltic pump in application specific needs with high fitness, every day we are trying to provide the market with "clean and easy to control" products and high quality service, we adhere to the "continuous innovation" concept, new development results, powerful function is constantly expanding its scope of application and ability.

As the industrial base, the pump is widely applied, the significance of our work lies in the peristaltic pump of this advanced fluid pumping technology applied to more industrial production engineering, walked out of the lab, solve more practical problems in industrial application. This requires us to rely on high-quality R & D team and reliable technical means to implement and innovate constantly! Follow the ISO9001 standard, we set up the corresponding personnel system and management means, to ensure that each product of our factory's products are qualified and excellent, to every product you hands are all you need.

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