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Product after-sales service commitment

Thank you for choosing our products. Our products are manufactured in strict accordance with the product standard. In the spirit of "diligent thinking, Continuous Innovation" R & D concept, "professional integrity and efficient" service purpose, we will provide you with the best quality products, the best after-sales service, to this end we solemnly promise: 

1, Product Equipment Operation and daily maintenance, will be responsible for the technical staff of the customer side, the company's technical department will provide customers with free product installation guidance. 

2. If you encounter any technical problems during installation or use, please consult your local dealer at any time or call our after-sales service number: 0312-3332188, we will provide you with complete technical support, we promise to deal with the objection within 24 hours and to work out the solution of the client's problem as soon as possible. 

3, with the date of the products, we provide quality assurance for the products: the whole machine is guaranteed for one year, the products are maintained for life; if confirmed to be a quality problem, the goods can be returned and exchanged within seven days of arrival; 

The following situations are not covered by the warranty:

 (1) man-made damage;

 (2) damage caused by improper installation or improper use;

 (3) damage caused by force majeure factors;

 (4) damage caused by other reasons other than the product's own quality. 

The right to amend and interpret this undertaking is vested in Chi Lik Hang Lau Pump Company Limited, Baoding

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